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About Us

A large group of volunteer crew at the 2022 Oceanic Championship

Our goal is to encourage people to solve puzzles and to assist organisers with hosting WCA competitions.

Speedcubing Australia is a not-for-profit, wholly volunteer-run organisation dedicated to supporting the Australian speedcubing community. Speedcubing is the act of solving twisty puzzles, such as the Rubik’s Cube®, as quickly as possible.

Speedcubing Australia began life in 2010 as the RMIT Rubik’s Cube Club and we are now recognised by the World Cube Association (WCA) as a Regional Organisation. Speedcubing Australia has grown to host in excess of 60 competitions a year in every state and territory. 

In July 2019 we hosted the Rubik’s presents WCA World Championships in Melbourne, which saw 833 competitors from over 50 countries compete in one of the WCA largest ever competitions.

There are currently 17 official events you can compete in at a WCA competition - the most well known, is the Rubik’s Cube® or the 3x3x3 Cube as it is officially called. Other events include big cubes up to 7x7x7, solving the cube blindfolded and some that are not even cubes such as the Pyraminx and Clock.

Competitions are open to anyone who can solve a cube, they are supportive and welcoming environments and are a great experience regardless of your age or ability.

If you are interested in working with us to host a competition in your local area, contact us for further information.

Find our 2023 Financial Report Here.

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